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The new love triangle: Automakers, suppliers ... and tech companies

ZF's new partnership with Microsoft is part of a trend toward a bigger industry role for tech giants.

HONDA'S TOSHIHIRO MIBE: Readying for a dramatic EV shift

He knows an EV upheaval is coming. He just needs a partner to get ready for it.

Dealership ditched the script, started talking to customers ‘like a human being' and found success

Germain Toyota discarded a rigid process in exchange for having unscripted conversations with customers and addressing what's on their minds.

VOLVO'S HAKAN SAMUELSSON: Sales records are at hand

The automaker's CEO believes that topping Volvo's sales record, set in 2019, is "within reach" this year, despite setbacks caused by the pandemic and the microchip shortage.

Dealers expect acquisitions to continue, survey finds

More than three-quarters surveyed by Kerrigan Advisors expect to buy at least one dealership in the next 12 months.

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