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New opportunities for convertibles

Vehicle functionality, year-round driving potential and easy open/close operation of a folding fabric roof is a dynamic combination for SUVs that has broad appeal across the consumer marketplace.

Benteler segues from combustion to EV

Though internal-combustion engines are still the central driver of the automotive industry, the supplier says it sees a future for itself in the electric vehicle market.

Corvette joyride lands GM employees in hot water

Kentucky State Troopers arrested two GM employees near the Bowling Green Assembly plant for racing two 2020 Corvettes.

'Playing Ghosn" pranks prompt safety warning

People have been posting photos of themselves and their children stuffed inside instrument cases, a trend that's become known as "playing Ghosn."

Steel's attack on aluminum is unmerited

If the facts are not on your side, pound the table and yell like hell — an old saying that evokes the steel industry's latest environmental attack against the aluminum industry.